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The Centre for Optimism?

We ask "what makes you optimistic?"

We believe the times call for realistic and infectiously optimistic leaders.

We are a movement supporting realistic and infectiously optimistic leaders to be beacons in the fog of pessimism and cynicism.

We believe the leader is the person in your mirror.

What's at the Core of The Centre for Optimism?

Optimists and their Optimism

What's New at the Centre?

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The Centre for Optimism and its members tend to be very active on LinkedIn.  Please join over 1000 people on The Optimist Group on LinkedIn - post things and comment.  Follow our Page on LinkedIn and comment.  Follow our Chief Optimism Officer Victor Perton on LinkedIn.

Optimism Blogs

The Centre for Optimism was an off-spring of the Australian Leadership and Optimism Project and has developed a global vibrant life of its own.  Most of our Australian Leadership blog content is on the original Australian Leadership and Optimism Project Blog while new content is being published on this site.


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