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Contagious Optimism

There are many references to contagious optimism on this website.  These are a few quotes which resonate with us some of which were published in our book "Optimism: The How and Why"

Victor Perton: "I believe the best leaders are infectious optimists and lead their teams to discover greater optimism, resilience and self-mastery. These thoughts below sing to me."

Bertrand Badré, World Economic Forum’s Co-Chair Global Future Council

Leadership must appropriately combine a harsh sense of reality with a dose of contagious optimism. It is about looking forward past the obstacles. Yes we can!”

Mimi Kwa, Presenter and MC

“Optimism and kindness are contagious. They are good for the heart and soul. They improve heart function, overall health and well-being and they cost you nothing. Your reasons for spreading positivity and kindness are unimportant. Do it selfishly to help your physical and mental health. Or do it selflessly and altruistically. The result is the same. So just do it.”

Kare Anderson, Author and Speaker

“Now, more than ever, we need to step out of our filter bubbles and befriend others with diverse views and complementary talents so we can see more sides to situations, make smarter decisions, be able to recruit apt people to seize opportunities and solve problems faster and better. My case for optimism is that those who adopt a mutuality mindset and see healthy relationships as not a quid pro quo yet an ebb and flow of mutual support over time, as Give and Take author, Adam Grant advises, will generate experiences that can make them feel optimistic about their "greater good" impact. This is especially needed in this tech enabled era where The Law of Unintended Consequences is increasingly becoming the norm, not the exception. Since some research shows that negative behavior is more contagious than positive, it behooves us to advocate and collectively support specific methods and systems and companies and political leaders who adopt that constructive, mutuality mindset. And getting specific boosts self-clarity, credibility and memorability -- and reduces the chance that others will misunderstand you. Opportunity Makers, with and for others, tend to be optimistic because they see positive results of their actions.”

Malka Lawrence, Chair, TMG College

“Optimism is contagious, if you believe it can happen you inspire others to also believe and as a group working collaboratively, each with their strengths and expertise, everything is possible"

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of

"The beauty of a positive attitude is that it is contagious. When you are optimistic and see the glass as half-full, others around you will catch on to that feeling. Be the most energetic you that you can be.  Get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy, and make time to exercise and read so you are able to nurture the self-care side of yourself. Share all of your ideas, and your great attitude, with your team, colleagues, partners, and vendors. People want to be around positive individuals. They’ll stick around for a positive entrepreneur, and work with them no matter what. Be that to others and watch as your connections and opportunities grow!"

Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Author

“The attitude you bring to the office—positive or negative—is contagious and spreads to others in the workplace. Optimism encourages you to focus on possibilities, potential and solutions instead of deficits, past regrets and problems. You delegate work responsibilities, instead of micromanaging, and your encouragement of independence sends a message to employees that you trust their performance abilities.”

Chris Webb, Head of Regulatory, EPA Victoria.

“I work around lots of optimistic people - what is it that makes this group stand out?  I saw in another of your posts the word "contagious", and I think that's the difference. To me, the word infectious creates a picture of the optimism that rubs off on everyone in the room. The word contagious I think captures the effect where everyone leaves the room and carries it with them. That is how I would characterise those I've included in my list - their optimistic leadership that impacts beyond the moment and shapes the way the team functions."

Jon Gordon, President, Jon Gordon Companies

“Lead with Optimism (it's contagious!) - The engine for America's growth and prosperity has always been its can-do attitude and spirit. Unfortunately, in the past few years optimism has been in short supply. The most important weapon against pessimism is to transfer your optimism and vision to others. Leadership is a transfer of believe and your belief inspires others to think and act in ways that drive results.”

John Madison

“The contagious fire of optimism amidst a world of pessimism"

Jus Armour speaking of Tony Kalathara

"his inherent, contagious optimism"

Cole Graber-Mitchell, Student

"The value of optimism isn’t that it’s a measured prediction of the future. Instead, optimism is valuable as a source of power in the present."

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