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Gary Moore: Quarantine is what we make of it

"Optimism is a powerful choice in times when being optimistic is most difficult."

By Gary Moore, Columnist and Member of The Centre for Optimism

For years to come, pundits and historians will write about the wisdom, impact and results of this quarantine. Was it necessary? Was the result worth the devastation to the economy? Did it save lives? Of course, for the next few years, the discussion will be strictly partisan. If you support the President or your governor, you’ll praise him/her. If you are not a fan, none of the decisions were correct. However, as time passes, a clarity of events will set in, and the true impact of quarantine will be measured.

A television journalist I deeply respect (and there’s not many left) said last week, “When the decision is made to end quarantine and how the economy is restarted, will determine if the President is re-elected or not. He didn’t say so, but I think the same decisions will apply to our governors.

If they end quarantine too soon, the virus could explode again. As we lead up to the election, the death rate will climb. If quarantine remains too long, irreparable damage can be done to the world economy. We are truly in uncharted territory and the decisions made by our government leaders will impact our nation and world for decades to come.

For those of us who believe in the power of prayer, we should all be praying for wisdom to be granted to our governmental leaders as well as their advisors and influencers. For those who are not, positive thoughts and statements are always helpful.

What is totally useless, and damaging is negative partisanship. I’ve heard more than one political pundit wishing a recession or worse, only to damage the Presidents chances for re-election. Think about the negative impact of a recession or depression. Really? There are people who hate the President enough to wish damage to the world economy, unemployment, loss of homes and even suicide? Regardless of your political leanings, there is something deeply wrong in that type of hatred that some would wish this kind of damage and destruction.

I’m still old school. I pray for and support the President and governmental leaders whether I voted for them or not. To pray for the success of our President, whether he’s your choice or not, is to pray for the success of the nation. To pray that he fails, is to pray for our failure.

How about praying for the health, happiness and prosperity of all

regardless of political leanings?

As for quarantine ... how’s it going? I’m an extrovert, so I am deeply missing my friends and basic social connections. I can whine about it, but what will that accomplish? Giving into it and complaining solves nothing and can potentially move me from missing other people into depression. Don’t give in!

Count your quarantine blessings!

I work full-time as a writer. I love what I do and feel blessed to have a career that I truly love and adore. Quarantine, in many ways has been perfect for me. A major publisher is looking at my new book, Fragrance of Lilacs, and claims to love it, but asked for a rewrite of an antagonist’s storyline. If not for quarantine, it may have taken months to accomplish, and in the process, given the publisher time to move on. Instead, quarantine has given me the time to complete the rewrite in ten days.

Quarantine has caused my family to be more deliberate in contact and communication. We are talking and Facetiming daily. I am loving the connection and I’m determined to continue the deliberateness of talking and expressing our love daily, face to face.

Quarantine has helped me be of service. I truly cannot keep up with the positive email I’m receiving from readers wishing to talk about a column and express their opinion. I think positive content in this, and all newspapers, has never been more important than now. To remain optimistic during a pandemic will help us all weather the storm, survive and once again thrive as it passes. And believe me, this too shall pass.

My prayer for us all is that we remain positive and optimistic during the worst of times. In doing so we’ll usher back into our world, and our lives, the best of times.

I hope and pray that we all use this time to accomplish the things we previously wished we’d have had the time to accomplish and enjoy.

Do not squander this precious opportunity with partisan bickering and complaining. Never in my lifetime of over six decades, has it been more important to reach across the political aisle and work in unison to save lives and recover quickly from the impact of this terrible disease. Partisanship in this time of turmoil only guarantees prolonged misery and suffering.

Optimism is a powerful choice in times when being optimistic is most difficult.

Purposefully looking for positive ways to be encouraging during times of mass discouragement is not just helpful but is an honorable calling.

Choose optimism. Act positively in thought, word and deed. Make the best of a bad situation and we may look back at this time in history and say we virtually held hands and together, we positively weathered the storm. And when the dark clouds break and the sun once again rushes in, our attitude in the worst of times will make us better people.

April 15, 2020

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