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Love and Optimism

Morni Chen, The Future of Power

“We have a choice between fear and love. Optimism is an expression of love, a higher energy and so it is more powerful than fear.”

Mystic at the Edge: Optimism

Michael Kawula, CEO of Dinner Table MBA

“Optimism is a non-biased mindset, obtainable by all, that when turned on, defeats life’s inevitable obstacles and opens up opportunities that can make all live and love life!”

Professor Vijay Varadharajan, Global Innovation Chair in Cyber Security

”The cornerstone of my optimism comes from the power of love and will that make ordinary people do extraordinary things."

Judy Rodgers, President, Images & Voices of Hope

“It is the nature of the human spirit to express love, peace and joy.  We do drift from our true nature in some moments, but time and truth ultimately call us back to who we really are, which is the deepest rationale for optimism.”

Vitaly Geyman

What makes me optimistic is that I always believed that deep inside most of us know that love trumps fear."

Sneha Ayyagari, Schneider Sustainable Energy Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council

“Optimism is a source of strength and peace. It fuels the hope needed to see challenges as opportunities for learning and helps us to lead our lives more intentionally with love.”

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