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Optimism and Adversity

Heather Craig

Adversity is a part of the human experience. However, by being optimistic and understanding that hardship is temporary, we can better appreciate the plentiful joy in this world.

Philip Dalidakis

Optimism is more than just a word or a noun, it’s a way of defining our attitude to overcoming everyday adversity. Regardless of the challenges, good & bad, tomorrow always provides us with a new start, a new opportunity of improving on yesterday"

Mark Argar

"Mankind has an inbuilt ability to evolve in a positive direction when confronted with adversity. For this reason, I remain optimistic."

Tony Harding

"Embracing optimism and strength of will over adversity can be a game-changer for us and our colleagues - to enable us to achieve our goals in life. I recommend we embrace optimism champions and role models as part of our journey in life."

Emily Jaksch

"Everyone faces adversity but it’s how you deal with it that defines the person. Your levels of optimism underpin your resilience and successful response to that adversity!"

Miriam Fisher

"It can be difficult to maintain a positive focus during adversity amid what can sometimes seem a cacophony of negativity, I remain very optimistic about the future. Stagnation is simply too uncomfortable an alternative"

Dona Tantirimudalige

"Conscious, deliberate #optimism, particularly in the face of what might feel like overwhelming #adversity, is crucial to success."

Dominic Barton, McKinsey

"Optimism is at the very core of leadership. The best leaders I have encountered in my career are those that remain optimistic –- and ambitious -– for their organisations even in the face of great adversity."

Anushi Rajapaksa, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

"Optimism is finding inspiration in adversity or challenges as difficult it may be when you are in the midst of it! The beauty in embracing failure may be a useful process of learning and an inherent part of realizing your vision! Being prepared to be flexible in my mindset helps me reach goals as true success may be achieved in many different ways."

Libby Mears

"I am optimistic when I see the strength of communities who have overcome adversity, seeing people included who are usually excluded and when I see people willing to display gentleness, empathy, compassion and kindness."

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