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Our Research at The Centre for Optimism

The most fundamental research by the Centre for Optimism comes from asking people like you one-by-one, "What makes you optimistic?"

We have asked that question of over 12000 people from Presidents and Prime Ministers to people living in Indian villages.  We publish those answers on this website, through our books, through social media, public events including webinars and in workshops.  Those answers are published across this website but a good place to start is "Optimists on their Optimism."

Optimists on their Optimism

Read Victor Perton on asking "What makes you Optimistic?" Ask Others “What makes you optimistic?”

Another central part of our research to help people to become more optimistic is contained in our summary document, "The Habits of the Optimist."

The Habits of the Optimist

We are currently in our 2021 "What makes you Optimistic?" Survey  We would be delighted if you took 3-5 minutes to complete the survey.

2021 "What makes you Optimistic?" Survey

Our First Global Study

We have a goal of sharing one million voices of optimism.  In order to speed up our efforts, our first global study asked people that fundamental question "What makes you optimistic?". 

That online survey of more than 500 respondents from 26 countries cited life experience, mindset, family, friends, faith, gratitude and young people as their main sources of optimism. Government, the economy, business conditions and consumer confidence are all missing in action as sources of optimism.

Read the Results of The First Global Survey by the Centre for Optimism

Our Study of The Relationship between Good Strategy and Optimism

To people experienced in strategy, one of our follow up questions after asking "what makes you optimistic?" is asking about the relationship between good strategy and optimism.  Those answers are published across this website but a good place to start is "Optimism and Strategy Wisdom to Use."

Read More on Optimism and Strategy Optimism and Strategy Wisdom to Use

Our second global study is entitled "Strategy and Optimism: Through the Pandemic and on to a Brighter Future" and is an online survey using Survey Monkey.

The survey is still collecting data and we were gratified to receive feedback from an AI strategist at a major global firm that our questions in the survey had helped shape his thinking on his strategy and business plan modifications set in train by the pandemic and partial business shut-down.  Feel free to take the survey.

Survey: Strategy and Optimism: Through the Pandemic and on to a Brighter Future 

We have started to analyse the data and would welcome any expertise in analysing the responses.

Read the Partial Results - Strategy and Optimism: Through the Pandemic and on to a Brighter Future

The Better Normal

This  is our third global study.  See the interim results.

Read the interim results of "The Better Normal"

Research Collaboration

We are delighted to collaborate on optimism-related research and have already done so on several occasions with our partner organisations, research students and industry associations.

We are also delighted to share the results of research by other researchers, organisations and institutions.

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