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The Institute of Water Administration Innovation and Optimism Day 2021

Some thought-starters....

Charmaine Quick, Managing Director, Goulburn-Murray Water

"Optimism is that mindset that enables you to know that tomorrow will look better when things get tough today.It enables you to believe in the possibilities and opportunities for tomorrow and innovations that can make this possible."

George Wall, Managing Director, Water Industry Operators Association of Australia

“Optimism, the belief that something good or better will come from our efforts, is inherently linked to innovation. Human nature says people are unlikely to put their effort into, or even search for something innovative if they don’t have optimism and belief. Without optimism, innovation will rarely be delivered”

Paul Pastulovic, Yarra Valley Water

"The relationship between optimism and innovation is perfectly summed up in the line from the Frank Sinatra song Love and Marriage... ‘you can't have one without the other’"

 Tracey Slatter, Managing Director of Barwon Water

“More than ever, we need optimism - not hope - but determination and endeavour to lead through the complex challenges we face and achieve the remarkable.” 

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