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The Optimism Roundtable

The Centre got Optimism's Roundtables have run successfully in corporate boardrooms, corporate retreats, small businesses, universities, MBA courses, schools, leadership retreats, prisons, government departments, water corporations and meditation retreats.

Ideally it runs with 10 to 16 people.

​Depending on the conversation and numbers, it can take between 40 minutes and two hours.

​Typically, the program looks like:

  • A short presentation on The How and Why of Optimism;
  • Q&A;
  • a short meditation or prayer to settle things;
  • the participants share what makes them optimistic;
  • and, a conversation on what's next

​The program is delivered by our Founder, Victor Perton, and can be modified to your needs.  We are very experienced at delivering via the Zoom on-line videoconferencing platform (see some of our online panels to get an idea).

We can add to the program with positive communications and media performance experts like Robert Masters and Eloise Grace.


Delivered via Zoom during the CoronaVirus state of emergency, the cost is $500 for corporations and government departments, $250 for small businesses, $100 for schools and community groups and free for those who need it free.  Contact Victor Perton to make a booking.

 The Optimism Workshop is Another Useful Program for Larger NUmbers

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