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The Optimistic Friends of Deepa Tojan

"Optimism is the beginning of the beginnings"

Ian Mitchell

"The reason for me being an optimist is simple, ‘because everything will always get better’

Dr. Oleg Konovalov 

"Optimism builds an opportunity to explore something new. All the answers are in the future that we create."

Jasmin Thomson

"Optimism is an energy source that drives us forward. It's an open system." 

John Spence

 "Why be an optimist? It's more fun than being a pessimist!" 

Maurits van Sambeek, MA

"What makes me optimistic is understanding the potential, resilience and creative powers of human beings, which can help us overcome virtually all turmoil and which gives us the opportunity and free will to choose to create a better life, starting today!" 

Dmitriy Zavodovskiy  

"Pessimism is the attitude. It is always stable and boring. Optimism is a habit. It is always flexible and fun" 

Louis Carstens

 "The future will be better than the past." 

Shadrach Stephensglobal improvement leader at Dow.

“My competitiveness makes me optimistic. As a kid, I grew up playing sports. Even though I wasn’t the biggest or most skilled player, I had a burning desire to win. With this passion, I learned that in order to succeed, I had to think positive thoughts about my athletic development. I had to work twice as hard, I had to practice longer, and I had to overcome my lack of raw talent, I had to listen more to my coaches. I carried this same optimistic mindset to my career. Find a good coach, work very hard, and think positive thoughts about opportunities.”

 Roger Tetrault Jr.International Society of Automation

"I'm optimistic because I believe with a positive mindset you can achieve or learn anything. You have to truly believe in yourself to and have confidence that you can figure things out. You don't have to have all the answers to start. Use your resources, networks and feedback to get better and get the job done. As you accomplish things you will grow more confident in your ability and it becomes a snowball effect. The more you believe in yourself the more you can accomplish and the more you overcome the more confident and optimistic you become. It all starts with keeping a positive attitude and mindset. Your mentality is everything." 

Ragini Prasad

"I became an eternal optimist when I was able to look back on my life and see that every disappointment led me to something way better than I could have conceived - optimism doesn't mean you do not cry or feel despair but it does mean that we can pick ourselves up knowing that there is something more magical awaiting to unfold."

Aumis Rubio

"What makes me optimistic is understanding that I don’t have to have all answers but if I have Grit, a support system and faith in myself and others, I will probably go a long way."

Bhagya Kunjuraman

"My past experiences make me optimistic. While enjoying the biggest luxuries of life, I have seen the future- starting from the very next second to the infinity crushing into pieces before me. I have seen uncertainties which I was not able to find reasons and answers for. I have seen knots messing up to hard knots and I felt trapped. For a while, I went numb thinking nothing will get back to normal. But later I realized these nothings took shape of new beginnings and I no longer lie in the energy and vibe of those hard moments. When I look down I see those hard knots still remain there as it was. And I look at them down for a reason. The reason is I stand above them all. They are deeply buried down onto which I built the new world. Yes, Past experiences are my optimism. I keep the hard knots as it is for they are reminiscences of my decision to go to the next world above."

Tom Smith

"I'm not optimistic every day! But overall I am a positive, optimistic person. I believe it comes from my training, my upbringing (family and mentors I've had) and confidence that has been built into me through that process."

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