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The Optimists' Compliments

Compliments which resonate with our COO, Victor Perton to use in your writing and speeches.  Any to add?

Sir David Attenborough

"while there are people like you putting your heads together, people like you getting together and spending time together, it does seem to me, as an onlooker, that the world has a cause for optimism and cause for gratitude."

UK education secretary Gavin Williamson says to headteachers

"You continue to inspire so many of us with your calm, resilient, optimistic leadership in the face of adversity.”

Jus Armour speaking of Tony Kalathara

"his inherent, contagious optimism"

'Julia' on author Mason Deaver

“When I think of Nathan, I think of warmth. Of reds, and oranges. But most of all, I think of yellow. That just seems like such a Nathan-y color. Happiness, joy, his optimism, that smile.”

Joel Edward Goza on Martin Luther King

"King was intimate with mountaintop moments when hope and optimism harmonized"

Priscilla Runion on Assuming We Survive

"Each and every aspect of their existence is infused with that collective energy and unbridled optimism."

John Bryant

"I am filled with gratitude for your work, inspired by your leadership, and optimistic about our course for the future.”

Brandon Cigana speaking of John Hoague-Rivette

"He has been a beacon of optimism since I’ve ever known him"

Ray Routhier on Susan Conley

“Susan has an incredible energy. She has a great work ethic and sense of optimism.”

Cathal Dennehy

"Even the most sceptical judge couldn’t help but raise an optimistic eyebrow at the breadth of brilliance."

Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian Prime Minister

"Thank you for your hard work and your optimism"

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