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Wayne Larkin

  • Optimism makes you feel better, live longer, sees the beauty in the world. 

  • Optimism makes you feel and see more love, hope and happiness in the world and is contagious. 
  • Optimism makes you feel better, live longer, achieve more and makes the world a better place for you being here. 
  • Optimism allows you to see the beauty and miracles in the world. 
  • Optimism is essential to achievement and a happy, fulfilled life. 
  • Optimism is a choice of how you see the world and live your life. 
  • To dream a dream of what you could be is optimism.

On Strategy

  • Strategy without optimism is the path to defeat,

  • Strategy without optimism is the way of losers.”

  • The essence of good strategy is optimism.” 

  • Strategy without optimism is defeat before victory.

  • Happy customers is the best business strategy for success. That requires execution with optimism

  • Success = The right people, great preparation, good strategy and execution with optimism.

  • A good vision and strategy is a start. Optimistic execution and happy customers is success.

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