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What is that better normal you foresee for your community and/or country?

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering yes to "Do you see a "better normal" for your community and/or country?" What is the better normal you foresee for your community or country?

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What is that better normal you foresee for your community and/or country?

Anand Kukarni

"More innovation, new business models, more tolerance and less materialism"

"A better appreciation of supporting each other and especially the small businesses and community groups that are the heart of our rural towns. Acceptance that we can do things differently and still have good results."

"Less commuter traffic on the roads.  More connection of people more experienced in using better communications technology.  More time spent in local neighbourhoods and with neighbours."

"Less traffic."

“Better” begs the question: how can we sharpen our goals to bring greater value to our communities -- in my case, the study and teaching of history.

"More empathy and more understanding of others"

"Having the ability to assist a family, no matter where they live to get the right care for their ageing or disabled loved ones. It's more accepted to do business remotely."

"Greater awareness of global interconnectivity will generate more strategic thinking, including eventually overcoming simplistic preconceptions."

"Strengthening of public health and research for pandemics."

Geoffrey Jackson, Principal Consultant, Crucible Solutions Australia

The "Better Normal" is a more thoughtful, less self-centred society. One that values the natural world and respects human-kind's place in that world. In Australia we have experienced a series of catastrophic events:- drought, bushfire and Covid19. We are changed! Evolved to be the better, and respectful of each other.

Professor Mary Rautkis

“Much of what we have been reading is about how important animals have become to people when working and living in isolation. I'm optimistic that when we return to life however it looks, that the value of nonhuman life and our closer relationships will remain with us. I know that I will not take their affection and company for granted again.”

  1. More awareness of the interconnectedness of health and well-being of everyone, with everything else. 
  2. An awareness of the impact of inequality of income, infrastructure and services on health systems and ALL systems 
  3. A wake-up call that COVID pandemic is a potential practice run for greater disasters and an opportunity to live more consciously and with greater care

"More flexibility in the workplace to allow us to relate more to family and neighbours.  More caring and contributing to neighbours as working from home provides more time in the local community."

"More helpful communities, greater solidarity."

"People helping people: Supporting their local communities through shopping local and volunteering."

"Accepting and welcoming the time and space required to care for your friends and neighbours effectively."

"A more inclusive society."

"More connection and consideration of others.  Greater respect for people's space."

Bishop Phillip Huggins

"I have shared are a few Reflections and related Suggestions towards a better new “normal”, drawn from re -appreciating the Charter for Compassion. 

"It used to be said that the Church of the future needed to be mystical or it wouldn’t be much at all. 

"It can also now be said that our society and world needs to become more compassionate or it won’t be much either! 

"My faith is that, in accord with our being made in the divine likeness and always being in the divine love, we can now lift to a quite unprecedented and sustained quality of unity as one human family. 

"The possibility is before us.  We can all make a contribution."



"A community and country based on greater Optimism in policies and decisions"

"An improved and desired state of well-being and optimism.   I will work to help take up the opportunity to shape a more sustainable, safer and prosperous future for all."


Glynn Jarrett

"A Better Normal, has to be a "Kinder Normal" Be Kind.  Be Vegan."

"I see more kindness and people leaning in toward more feminine energy, more welcoming to connectivity within the community."

"A more cooperative, kind community and country - living out the COVID mantra of ‘we’re all in this together’."

"A kinder more compassionate community and a balance between prosperity for all yet caring for the planet and make changes needed to stop climate change."

"I believe we have been able to connect with others in our community, and we have all been moved by small kindnesses and expressions of appreciation."

"More kindness and humanity."

"More kindness"

Local Business

"Local small business will do better, e.g. local cafes."

"People supporting local businesses; people holidaying at home; people looking after people."

"More support for local businesses and more supportive neighbourhoods."

"Exploring and supporting local businesses and holidaying locally."

"Supporting local businesses, friends and colleagues, more cooperative efforts, reimagining social norms and ways of working."

"More communication with neighbours and local business owners, more friends catching up, people having a sense of belonging and care for their fellow human being."

"If managed well - hopefully, more local businesses can be supported with fewer workers in CBD and other locations, less crowding on public transport and roads and better work balance (ability to exercise during the day or when weather optimal) - but also likely to see restructuring in businesses and some pain for those relying on CBD clusters etc."

"Greater emphasis on community relationships, prioritisation of people and the environment over company profits, an awareness and appreciation of the importance of essential worker roles. Greater empathy and understanding for those who due to disability, unemployment, mental health or other health concerns are often confined to the home and the challenges they face. Employers are providing flexible options for working at home, and possibly thinking about work done rather than the number of hours worked. Supporting local businesses, thereby helping your community and thinking about the benefits of creating, rather than consuming, also the health and environmental benefits for using a mode of transportation that requires you to exercise."


"More focus on our stewardship of the world, taking climate change seriously, more focus on community and societal relationships."

"Shift to a greener, low carbon future. Repair nature. Meaningful jobs, but less time working. Fix climate change. Fix poverty."

Voices for Climate Optimism

"We can address some of the long term challenges we have faced for a while: lack of supply of affordable housing, our climate transition, and new employment opportunities. We can connect social enterprise and impact investment into the way all sectors do business."

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN Human Rights Commissioner.

"At the start of 2020 I was dejected, we lacked any sign of the kind of leadership needed to meet the climate commitments. Now, however, the response to the coronavirus by ordinary people - who have reflected with empathy on how their actions impact those on the front lines of the crisis - has given me more optimism for the future."

Martin Stone

"The virus may have exposed the Wizards of Oz pulling the levers of our society and opened our eyes to the possibilities of a better normal, but remember some would very much like to keep those curtains drawn. If we want the new normal to be a better normal we’re going to have to fight for it."

Read "A BETTER NORMAL?" by Martin Stone


"Peace and harmony. More intelligent debate on essential issues (e.g. climate change) and areas of long-overdue reform (e.g. tax). A return to core values and less shouting"

"A workable peace proposal for the Middle East, and a better Australia for all Australians."

Danielle Allen

Choose peace. Revolution never succeeds unless it rides on the back of a deeper commitment to the process of constitution. The goal has to be to build. These things can be done only on the basis of a commitment to peace. We need a better normal at the end of this. Not a new normal, a rinse and repeat of the old but with face masks. We need peace. Social movement leaders across the ideological spectrum should renounce violence. Americans for Prosperity should disavow people who bring guns to rallies. Black Lives Matter should disavow the antifa movement, which is real and dangerous.


"For Community - That people realise the value of community and engage wholeheartedly. For Australia - Seeing our politicians work together and to achieve more than ever in the last seven months has been profound. The future would promise enormous optimism for every citizen if they ( the Pollies ) could recalibrate their norm of the past and Deliver great government. It is time."

"Better Australian Federation"

Life in General

"More conscious and caring for each other. As a health professional, it has been nice to be appreciated by the community for the first time."

"More walking, less driving.   More home cooking, less eating out."

My Country

"More appreciative of what we have in Australia. A better understanding of "us" rather than just individualism."

"A better appreciation of how lucky we are in Australia."

"In India, we have now witnessed the worst of politics and social hatred. I hope things will get better as people realise the truth."


"If our national leadership improves, we could have a more inclusive and stable society. Time to rewind things - to become the genuinely egalitarian society we were once destined to be. Reduce the casualisation of work and provide affordable housing/social housing for all."

Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General

"We will have before us the task of building a future of work which tackles the injustices that the pandemic has highlighted, together with the permanent and no longer postponable challenges of climate, digital and demographic transition.  This is what defines the better normal that has to be the lasting legacy of the global health emergency of 2020."

David Rock

 "If we can tap into people’s newfound energy to create something bigger and better than before, we can leave the worst parts of work behind to create a better normal for all of us. Now is the time we can all make our organizations better for humans. In the spirit of the moment, let’s be sure to follow the science."

Mark Radcliffe, author of Stranger than Kindness

I would like to imagine a new and better normal might emerge from this crisis but my sense is that can only happen if the NHS itself doesn’t rush blindly back to normal, but rather takes this opportunity to change and improve its own reality.

Punit RenjenGlobal Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte

Sociologists have observed many crises throughout history requiring massive sacrifices from a citizenry that responded by putting community ahead of self. Leaders led, and people trusted them. As a new social contract was created, people overcame challenges once thought insurmountable – and used each crisis to elevate themselves and their nation.  This same potential exists today. Returning to a world that existed before COVID-19 would mark failure. We all should expect more. We have a chance to use what we’ve learned the past months to usher in a new and better normal. The key to doing so – to exercising resilient leadership – is the ability to energize our teams by looking outward, imagining a successful future and embracing trust to get us there.

Two fundamentals - not so much ‘business-centric’ - but personal/aspirational which will flow on to the commercial world:  

  1. a “giving back of time” 
  2. touch deficit 
  1. This has provided people with excess time to connect and be connected in ways that mean that the “daily commute” will be i1rrelevant for many.
  2. We have gone from the ’60-’90s where people had sex as a way of saying “hello”... (exaggeration - but you get the drift) To 2020 where isolation has stopped physical touch (even between family members), and “proximity” has reduced sensory mechanisms being sated. Communication through electronic media has been a FORCED uptake, a huge jump in the curve. e.g. “Zoom” has become the ubiquitous connection tool to the point that FB took ten weeks to catch-up ... so ... POTENTIALLY ... this will mean that “bright young things” that have swiped right ... but do not talk could potentially learn human communication skills

A country that values all citizens by ensuring those at the bottom can contribute and live with hope. A country with a lifestyle that can be sustained environmentally in a sound economy that reduces carbon emissions meaningfully.

A country with real vision and drive. Aligned at every level, globally aware and ready to serve everyone

A fairer, people-centred approach that doesn’t prioritise market abstractions ahead of society, and the individuals that comprise it.

A generational change at some point, beyond populism, to a community caring and evidence-based, less of a favourites based economic system.

A more integrated approach allowing a balance between personal/family/work

A kinder, gracious, united community, celebrating harmony and diversity, the strong helping the weak.

A new awareness of strengths and weaknesses and more powerful action upon them

A new way of doing things

A realisation that the US has such different attitudes to Australia is now more widespread in Australia, and this may lead to Australian’s treasuring our culture more.

A recognition that it is possible to move forward together

A willingness to focus on common themes and experiences and a desire to engage with others where common ground is less apparent or lacking.

Acknowledge the value of people providing “essential services “. Look beyond financial profit as a measure of business success.

"Address social inequality and climate"

Read more "Voices for Climate Optimism"

A balance of some up and some downs - in the short to medium term

All of the above for everyone. I see a future where people are more respectful of one another, where we can prioritise what’s important rather than just what’s lucrative. We’re more appreciative, and our truths have become self-evident. For instance, the people we call ‘front line’ have always been there - under pressure, underpaid and under-appreciated. Normal is looking much better.

As answered above

As social media is accessible to all, and with COVID affecting all walks of life, people have realised to be more responsible in following healthy day-to-day practices and being aware of individual responsibly to community and to country. A virtuous circle is growing positively.

Australia to be a more active contributor to projects that reduce global warming and protecting our environment - especially as we have responsibility for a whole continent.

Australia has had a wake up re economic dependency/independence quotient - it will reprioritise national goals, potentially a powerful agent! Community is an area x area thing, but I am hopeful all communities will be refreshed after COVID isolation.

Available only to innovators.

Based in Taiwan, I feel the way they have handled COVID has put Taiwan in the eyes of the world. There is much to learn from Taiwanese.

Better consideration for others and sufficient spacing to help prevent common cold and’ flu.

Closer attention to the structure of our economy so that uncertain income, supply and wealth are reduced. A more egalitarian society

Community driven development based on principles of ESD. Same for the nation. A sustainable population policy. Off the population growth Ponzi scheme. Free education and free uni for all. Stop the manufacturing of classes, banning or proper taxing of billionaires and ultra-wealthy, organic sustainable food production, communities engaged in healing and rebuilding ecosystems, environmentally-based job creation, etc

"Consideration and care.:

The desire for cohesive planning on national objectives and collaboration between main sectors of government and community.

Easy access to medicine, increased hygiene

Employment and health for people and healing for the planet

Everyone has a deeper understanding of the problems others are facing, and there appears to be a collective willingness to work together

Focus on fixing our world; we are blessed with a paradise which Humankind are trashing!

Greater numbers of people will be connected with themselves and more mindfully engaging in community and civic life—which will radically alter many norms.

A greater sense and focus on the worth of community.


Hopefully a renewed energy and awareness of taking care of each other and then land’

Hopefully a slower pace and more mindfulness.

I can see some new opportunities developing, but I fear for the impacts on the economy and the massive loss of jobs.

"I don’t have a clear picture yet."

"I hope there will be a better normal, less traffic/pollution. More reflection."

I really don’t know; I am somewhat pessimistic that the kinder habits we’ve developed will revert.

I see organisations and governments recognising that we must take care of our people and the environment simultaneously. We don’t need to commute to work: we can work virtually. We don’t need to consume excessively or recreationally. What is most important is being prudent and kind to the earth and each other.

I see people more willing to cooperate and collaborate as we have all been battling a common enemy and feel a deeper comradery because of this. Obviously, the reality will be more complicated. Still, I see the result will be a better normal not necessarily in financial terms at least in the short-term though.

I suspect many volunteer sporting clubs may struggle to get going.

I think it will take time to consider

I think we have developed a deeper appreciation for social interaction.

I would hope that my country has decided to give more value to the things that each individual finds value in.

I’m not sure, and I think there is a fair bit of pain to go before thing perk up. Lots of people will suffer before there is a change.

If we can maintain what we have learnt, we can reduce infections disease and increase care and respect within our communities. We can recognise people for their contributions & outcomes, not their time. We can be gentler on the planet.

In some instances, but not necessarily in all

Increased tolerance/acceptance of everyone - inclusivity - as we’re all in this together. Improved mental health services. Finally, online businesses will start to make money.

Increasing demand for protectionism and Australia first policy encouraging Australians to help other Australians.

invitation to participate

Its a time for every person, business and government to review - how can I become more efficient, how can I become more cost-efficient, how can I make more profit, etc.

Leaders will emerge who can grasp the opportunities that will exist in the “new normal.” Other leaders will help people to heal from the trauma. Most people will transition successfully once the way is shown. A few people will need extensive help, not the majority.

Less complacency, more urgency to improve productivity and develop an environment where businesses can grow.

fewer flights, more working from home appreciating nature, more hygiene (washing hands) and less flu

"Less reliance on China for trade."

Locally focussed, globally-oriented fully blended (online/offline)

Lower pace of life, better coordination between governments.

More care for each other—improved health due to better health practices in the community.

more certainty through better leadership in politics

More change required for the majority to find a new balance

More community awareness of others and their plight

More compassion Focus on community Valuing arts and creativity.

More connections between people where they live, more helping each other, less pollution and less stress

More connectivity

More considerate, respectful, caring and generous

More consideration for people around.

More empathy and connection with neighbours, appreciation for the community, farmers, providers, and local services, respect for front line workers and supporting locally or nationally made products and produce.

More empathy and more understanding of others

More equitable social safety net to continue. Less punitive commentary from the government (Liberal party) about dole bludgers and long term unemployed. I want to see less subsidy for mining companies etc. and government policy that is trying to do the best for the people, not who lobbies them the most.

More family time. Taking care of each other, checking in etc

More flexible work, more time with family

more geographically dispersed economic activity, with people spending more day time activity in the ‘burbs. This might allow for more involvement in local community groups and activities.

More gratitude, more happiness and focus on the important things in life.

More humanity

More local community cohesion

More of a thinning out of acquaintances to focus on family and friends

More resilient

A more sustainable and equitable economy

More sustainable modes of functioning

More trust in government and science expertise and competence.

More work-life balance

New jobs, new ways of working, more optimism and empathy amongst workers

New working arrangements and a focus on what is important

Not as focused on self

Not sure; this depends on decisions leaders/govt make in the next six months.

Not yet, but I hope

Only if people take the time to decide on something better

Open-Ended Response

Opportunity to take stock of national and community priorities.

Our community has pulled together during the Covid-19 lockdown, and people care for each other more. I think by establishing online networks, we can get back to knowing and caring for people in our community.

People are more health-conscious, more considerate and united.

People are caring for each other more, especially seniors. As for the country, they will no doubt try and legislate a better normal by imposing new laws and restrictions on us, but, in the USA, people always prevail.

People have taken a step back and seen family time and making memories are now valued more.

People, in general, are more community-focused now than before. It’s reset in general for the community and the country

People of all walks of life have realised there is something beyond Human perception/ control, which is guiding us. As countries have grown and developed on the basis of goodwill, I see my country and countrymen to be able to realise that life is for caring and sharing. Even the rich and famous have come forward in helping people and community achieve equality, earn their own bread and so-called low communities to get back their self-esteem and make them “Feel Good”. Mentally strong and positive attitude I lacked all these days, but with good leadership at the top end, All have grown Optimistic- Jaise Raja Thatha praja” is a saying in Hindi- The country” s growth is based in the character of the leader, and we have it in our hands and should take advantage of it- For the betterment of society. India’ potential has been so great, and many countries and leaders have come forward to have positive relationships with India. I myself have been promoting a healthy relationship between Australia and India and also with New Zealand - Whee Indian’s have been looked after with high Regards. My LinkedIn connections wee all for use for our political leaders to take a cue from these countries which have thrived well on healthy business.? I am pretty Optimistic and urge leaders to take this opportunity for the betterment of society as a whole in addition to personal growth. We have had a pause due to COVID to stop and think of How “We can help each other”.

People are re-evaluating what is important to them.

People will be more considerate of others and will support the promotion of greater support and equality for those in need.

“Redesign the societal operating models - not an incremental upgrade a full rebuild from a base of fairness and equity for all. There is one I prepared while in ISO. Hypothesis Society (people, organisations or environments) has moved from complicated where elements were homogeneous with limited (1-3) variables and are well managed by hierarchical bureaucracies and formal power and use the bell curve to service the centre with the GENERIC process. The 4IR has transformed society from COMPLICATED to COMPLEX where entities have infinite variables and require personalised service for each citizen, company or NGO, current structures and generic process have a high risk and failure rate in a COMPLEX society and solutions and support are required a local (tribe) level and supported by network infrastructure that can collect and distribute information and service elements proactively. Still, the needs assessment, fulfilment and relationships are in the local tribe. Networked structures are fluid, agile and hyper-responsive and learn quickly from each other. As the complex world digitises and uses AI/ML the human factors become exponentially important to societal cohesion, productivity, safety, creativity and innovation. Belonging is a key theme. It is the Social element of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for first nations it means acknowledgement, treaty and respect and integration of 40,000 years of culture into our 4Ir solutions. More broadly, belonging is the secret sauce that has held QLDers together during COVID its volunteers, neighbours, its Facebook postcode groups. These are the distributed networks and tribes that are vital in the COMPLEX 4IR world. Monica’s Manifesto is ten themes that create new value in a complex, low carbon, inclusive environment. 1. Australian Green New Deal (Create jobs in New zero Carbon Circular industries, carbon farming, waste innovation, battery tech, EV, Renewables, Transition) 2. Redefine National Success Measures (Beyond Growth, GDP. Interest rates - Include Impact Measure Scores - Social, Ecological, Economic, SDG, belonging) 3. Lead World in Future of Work (Life) Queensland is the lifestyle capital. We can lead the world in the best combination of work/play/grow – whole industry about optimum work practices/tools/structures/purpose/engagement models and supporting tax incentives, paid roles for artists/designers/thinkers/helpers – adopt the four day week across the state) 4. Redefine Public Good (purpose, design and function of govt at all levels) 5. Election & Parliamentary Reform (Federal ICAC, Eliminate Donations, redefine value to sitting/not sitting activities, attract diversity in elected, Public Service - talent/roles/cost, Community Civic Cabinets to guide elected member voting on national issues) 6. Create National Challenge Bank & Culture of paid problem solving (Define problems worth solving with funds – Open Innovation at Wicked Problem, Regional and community levels) 7. Supply Chain Transformation (massive innovation, radical transparency & inclusion supported by tech and simple standards that convey positive attributes of the product/service chain) 8. Reform Education Systems (Content, delivery and certification – micro talents & aim of creating great humans) 9. Reform Value Exchange Systems (i.e. Tax System- earn credits for activities that create a positive impact like volunteering, innovation, inventions, education, caring and unhelpful tax activities. Crowdfund tax uses, UBI, early investment grants repay three-fold into the fund after exit, Global Tax equalisation, make a domestic family holiday a tax deduction) 10. Workforce engagement reform (Adopt a German labour model which allows quick workforce time/wage reductions to accommodate changes in revenue but keeps ppl engaged and employed & explore models for freelance/casual engagement & funding super, Unions convert to Talent as a Service, consider employee nominees on boards of all companies over 100)”

Reduced anxiety around office hours and a better focus on outcomes

Reduced environmental impact, focus on family, reduced consumer mindset

Resources and wealth

Right now, I see more homeless people, more women under threat from violence and children less protected so I know a lot of work that is very basic. Support for the most disadvantaged is vital for us all to rise up

Same as for myself and a clear consideration on what’s needed without travelling and stressing, but instead caring for one another

Better ways to getting things done, new discoveries and learnings

stronger physical connection with another, more time together rather than rushing to get to places or spending time on digital devices.

Sustainability for all - equal, mutual, reciprocal - based on distributive justice and inclusive values whereby interest is not paramount in human and power relations

Sustaining the civility and sense of community the virus triggered, including in politics

The country needs to be more adaptive and willing to embrace its capacity for innovation.

The local community and family seem to want a better normal for now and for their children. Our country needs a better normal, but the government is ideologically limited and grossly incompetent.

The need for people to step back and reassess personal relationships - greater appreciation.

The opportunity to take this inflection point as a pause for thought in terms of shaping the future. A pause during which we consciously architect the better normal rather than just returning unquestioningly to the old normal.

The realisation that commuting to work and back is unnecessary for many

The understanding that employees can telecommute may lead to more people working from regional and rural areas.

There are clearly people suffering economically and also may with great anxiety about the future. however, crisis also brings the potential to review and rest for the future

There are so many possibilities for a better normal - better health, a fairer distribution of wealth, more tolerance on all fronts, a more effective form of democracy, real action on the environment - etc.

There’s an irony of being more deeply and personally connected to people in this remote world. We have an opportunity to be more open and human. We also have been given a chance to recognise what and who really matters in our world.

This could go two ways. I see improved work practices, but a risk-averse culture and sadly, a less tolerant one that possibly impinges on personal freedoms.


We are dealing with homelessness differently, and that can continue. We can manage work better, which will reduce congestion and provide better use of infrastructure.

We have been woken up to make a difference, every single one of us, but it will depend on how we are governed if the momentum is carried through for better.

We have learned that it is possible to work remotely and work still gets done.

We need a change in leadership, to turnaround our country.

What is that better normal you foresee for your community and/or country?

What it will be is still to be determined. Still, it centres on us helping one another, recognising the importance of community connections, and building new infrastructure to protect and support the whole community.

Work from home becomes mainstream Better understanding if the whole person - we are not robots who work 24/7 - we have families, friends & pets & need enrichment through loving relationships & family bonds. Work alone will not provide this nourishment. We need time to reflect & tap into our inner-creative - which is not possible if you work long hours - to synthesise, integrate, strategise & hypothesise! It’s a VUCA world - get used to it! Gratitude for our lovely country, excellent democracy, plentiful natural resources & resilient people. A greater appreciation of NZ ❣️

"Yet to see if the community will default back to old ways."

Politer, more respectful of individual space, a rearranging of what’s more important.

A sense of community developed with more concern about their next of kin, neighbour etc

I foresee a community that is more health-conscious and supportive of when people are sick, to stay home. I hope that our community becomes more compassionate to working parents and the resources they need in order to succeed.

I hope greater awareness that our actions directly influence the health of the planet.

More caring, less self-centred, the renewed scale of values and principles. A more economical way of living life would be a fantastic thing to have. However, here we are or will be isolating ourselves even more than the three months so far of Coronavirus 19. Life had to slow down. We are going onto something of better quality, but the challenges will remain.

A greater sense of neighbourhood, community and reconnecting with those locally.

Where we as a community actively appreciate the natural beauty that is our island home and protect it.

Get rid of fossil fuels and accelerate the move to renewables. More work from home for as many workers as possible—a move to get men to do more of the unpaid labour they have for eons avoided.

It sees people interacting with their neighbours and more inclined to at least make eye contact, maybe a greeting as well.

Appreciation and empathy for life’s offerings and practices and the hardships we can all face through no fault of our own.

People are getting together in the community looking out for each other and having fun. No power cliques destroying our freedom.

Paying more attention to basic hygiene

More connected and engaged.

Reduced colds and Flu generally - at least this year. A greater recognition of the importance of connectedness. More Australian made and locally sourced purchasing.

A more collaborative and cohesive society and governance

More cooperation and perhaps less partisanship. Perhaps I am naive!

People to continue to look out for each other. Focus on how we live, on our environment, not growth at any cost. But that also depends on the government, and that’s where I am a bit worried on a federal level.

People shopping locally, getting to know their local community members, enjoying what their area has to offer, being considerate of others and friendly towards other people

a restructuring of the way we work to increase flexibility and reduce commuting, improved training

Greater focus on - the fundamental needs of everyone in the community; - the emergence of a sharing community; - the collaboration of the sciences to find answers to the significant issues - government and policymakers preparedness to consider the voices/insights of those who are informed on the topics that will matter to future generations

Less traffic, less time wasted in traffic (costs billions in Melbourne alone in productivity wasted)

People slowing down a little and taking time to understand one another, greater empathy and interest in others

I think a slightly more decentralized economy will help create suburban hubs. This will mean buzzing suburbs, reduced CBD transport issues, better work/life balance and higher productivity.

More rational and objective decision making. The awareness we live in a privileged time and CV19 is not WWI, WW2, Spanish Flu or even the Cuban Missile crisis. Less populism and more inclusiveness of a wider viewpoint. Twitter and social media might be good entertainment but not indicative of the opinions or votes of the majority.

Living more locally, investing in the community, less materialism

I think more interactions will be important, rather than retreating to safe spaces as social distancing has broken many of the intimate interactions that humans crave.

Our community is already very caring - we live in a regional town. We saw more make an effort with others. I hope that we can review all that can be done in the future to learn from all that we have done. The use of technology will help connect those that were not previously connected.

"More care for others."

People are becoming more connected to their local community as they are spending more time close to home. The obvious environmental footprint reductions from less travel are also very positive.

Greater community cooperation, individual patience and awareness of the needs of others.

Work from home solutions that work for people will continue, which will be better for families and communities.

One that is more understanding for one’s community

more community focus - due to less CBD focus

I think many leaders and community members have seen that change needs to happen, and many people have planned to change their ways: to stop taking things or people for granted.

A country with real vision and drive. Aligned at every level, globally aware and ready to serve everyone

There are so many possibilities for a better normal - better health, a fairer distribution of wealth, more tolerance on all fronts, a more effective form of democracy, real action on the environment - etc.

Community driven development based on principles of ESD. Same for the nation. A sustainable population policy. Off the population growth Ponzi scheme. Free education and free uni for all. Stop the manufacturing of classes, banning or proper taxing of billionaires and ultra-wealthy, organic, sustainable food production, communities engaged in healing and rebuilding ecosystems, environmentally-based job creation, etc.

As a secondary school teacher, people were sharing resources readily, collaborating globally in a way I have never seen before. I loved the free webinars and the short courses we were able to do - it was also fabulous to be able to have the time to breathe it in.

greater sense and focus on the worth of community

A more integrated approach allowing a balance between personal/family/work

More compassion Focus on community Valuing arts and creativity.

"Address social inequality and climate."

Read more "Voices for Climate Optimism"

Greater numbers of people will be connected with themselves and more mindfully engaging in community and civic life—which will radically alter many norms.

Yet to see if the community will default back to old ways.

"I see better social cohesion, improved tolerance, better work-life balances, improved fitness and a sense of the outdoors, a better sense of place in communities."

More community engagement. More support for local endeavours. More time with family. Less trust for China.

My worry is people won't embrace it. Default back to old ways.

"As I am in residential care, I am very uncertain about the


"The environment is already recovering, for the country, our values about prosperity and values could change for the better to help the underprivileged."

"Cleaner, and an increase in video conferencing and a decrease in transit times with reduced pollution."

"There is a chance for a collective expression of concern/feedback/suggestions made to local government on their experience of the handling of day to day activities, and they are taken on and considered for future plans for the community and therefore the country.

I think we will want to build a more complete community with dependence less on offshore.

Less burden on public transport, less traffic and people being forced to innovate new solutions which rejuvenates everything

More positive support for regional and rural Australia

Equality, tolerance and understanding by standing in others' shoes

Somewhat of a reset, people have had cause to value what they have, what can disappear and not within their control. Reconnect with family.

More local communities, less mega-city congestion. Lower emission future, more productive knowledge workers.

more care for selves, others and appreciation for what we have taken for granted previously

More consideration

Awareness Environment Health & Hygiene

Maybe a more flexible approach as to what constitutes the workplace

More efficient way to do things ( Changes will happen in order to improve our lives!)

"To reflect on what really matters."

Stronger community ties. More concern with the welfare of neighbours. Wearing a mask is to protect others, not yourself. It will take a long time to repair the damage to our country that has been inflicted by Trump.

Reform of institutions and focus on serving future generations.

People are talking. Humanity levels have increased. Self has been taken down a rung.

more education on where food comes from, growing our own, less transport

Less daily commuting and more working from home

More focus and value placed on family time and being part of the local community.

I live in America. America is burning because of deep and long-standing structural racism, like Redline Districts that affect investment risk, valuation of properties, school resources, health resources. I am hoping that White America finally sees the countrywide cost of this two-tiered system and gather the will to dismantle and fix it finally

Less display of image over substance with more in-depth care of those close to us in our community. Our community will spend more time thinking about others in our community who need help and connecting what we are doing with what is happening around the world. Putting substance behind think global act local.

People keep putting their hands up to help in their communities.

People are far more considerate and caring for one another

Hopefully, we continue to see the cohesion and respect this has brought out in everyone.

I am hoping we shall see an increased awareness, and actions to at last tackle the now evident need to create an energy industry in Australia that creates jobs help populate our regions outside the big city centres and above all allows Australia reduce global warming.

People have a better perspective on what is essential.

"An improved sense of community."


I do not have to fight traffic. I do not drive that often. The environment and my community see less pollution.

More community

Same! A more loving, accepting society that focuses on our commonalities and recognising the uniqueness that every person brings to the world.

Everyone slowing down, taking time to be with family, more balanced and less anxiety and stress

People connection and awareness of the importance of a healthy community

Improved relationships, and self-care despite the change to economic or employment circumstances

Australians buying Australian supporting Australian made & grown Supporting Australian farmers.

I cannot say - that is up to each individual on how they choose to approach things. To be honest, I am not hugely connected to my local community.

A more humane government where the country's wealth is enjoyed by more Australians. Perhaps a universal basic income so no one slips through the cracks—a better appreciation for our health workers, our teachers, our food producers and sellers. Flexible working is legitimised and widely adopted. Growth as an outcome is questioned, and people focus on sustainable goals that benefit everyone in society, not just a single company.

Greater efficiencies, including travel and the way we work.

I see a much stronger focus on humanity and on values (and practices) which will foster connection between people. I foresee a "backlash" against materialism and against people (and businesses) who are seeking to profit at the expense of humanity and the environment. I foresee a higher consciousness.

a greater appreciation of community and the needs of other individuals in that community - both where you live and where you work

More awareness of others, community spirit

more compassion and less hate on individuals or cultures we don't know well

same as listed for me

A focus on real economic issues and the harnessing of individual enterprise, as distinct from the woke resentments of the chattering classes

The community know their neighbours better, and there are more incidental interactions

"Recognising resilience: More than we thought. The adaptability of business and virtual services."

"Greater resilience."

We may come out of this better, but I don't trust the politicians to use technology to bring about change post the pandemic.

Smaller tertiary sector, smaller government more enterprise making Australia Great Again

Understanding of the inter-connectivity between society - we are a village.

Being more connected to my community

Embracing remote working in specific industries will save time lost in needless commutes costing Billions of dollars and giving back valuable business and or family time.

I find that we are connecting more with our neighbours and taking the time to see how they are coping and genuinely showing care for one another.

I think that there would be a better normal once we find stability - I think no one can deny that in the short term this presents a challenge for all Communities.

"Action on climate change."

"People being more kind & considerate. Businesses being more flexible with employees & customers. More ethical decision making. Much greater emphasis on climate change moderation by government & business working together for the benefit of the whole world."

Environmental benefits through potential less greenhouse gas generation through people commuting less. Less need for road upgrades. Potential transitioning of the family from a two-car household to a one-car household.

Hopefully, more emphasis on the environment, fewer vehicles on the road, improved planning and greater fitness with less obesity.

More focus, better priorities, more productivity

"Buying local."

We have shown we look after each other, but we need the governments and systems to support this ongoing

People who are more caring for each other -

The better that is now shaping is that we have dropped the fakeness that filled our days, we no longer have the pressure of being seen to be seen the reality of how greedy as a society we had become was highlighted by the hoarding of toilet paper and basic foods this allowed the real truth of community values and enabled those of us who work at the grassroots level to be seen for the work that we do and have others understand that the strength in any community is made up of the people within the community. Share and care and compassion returned, I have seen people talking to each other over fences and in driveways. I saw a teenager set up a barbecue in his driveway and was handing out sausages to total strangers. I stopped to talk to him for a while he offered me a sausage. Still, as I am a vegetarian I declined the offer, I asked him why was he doing this, his reply was "I miss seeing people smile" In response, I went to the nearest butcher and bought him 5kgs of sausages because I to was missing see people smile.

More caring society

See answer to question 2

As described already, it worries me that we will just ignore the past three months. My own group are still very aware, but I'm scared of a second wave.

Less consumption and more connected with nature and outdoors

Greater connection to neighbours and immediate community - helping others more, being more tolerant and supportive and polite. I've seen more smiles in my neighbourhood in the last three months than in the six years I have lived here.

Working proactively from Home for me and feeling a sense of calmness. More time for what is essential in our lives.

Helping and caring for each other now more than ever. Everyone is important. Value is friends and family.

Less commuting means less utilisation of public transport/roads = lower investment in new infrastructure = cash freed up for the social benefit. Real estate no longer used in CBD areas as fewer commuters can be reallocated to residential housing and social housing. Remote workplaces promote regional growth as employers understand that high productivity is not gained just by having people in the office but by allowing people to be more fulfilled in all aspects of their life.

More focus on working together to achieve good community outcomes and less on being captured by the politics and grandstanding

People engaging in the community more, taking time to use parks, slowing their lives down to be part of the community

Better opportunities for the essential people

Uniting and working together, creating a dialogue

Hopefully, more focus on productivity and hence the quality of growth underpinning rising living standards, and not relying on just a "bigger' AUSTRALIA.

Hygiene Shared responsibility Support for locals.

More social distancing. More teleworking. More online teaching. Fewer classroom courses. Increased online shopping.

A greater sense of oneness and harmony

Greater awareness around infection control

More cherished appreciation of the simple things

a more collaborative government with bipartisan approaches as a principle of operation; a community that assists those less fortunate and those less fortunate striving for a better life

a respectful society full of optimism from leadership-focussed government policies

more sharing, caring

Less travel, more virtual meetings, better options to reduce climate change.

Greater focus on the health risks faced by vulnerable people (e.g. elderly). Greater compassion and less social isolation

A greater sense of community and appreciation of the amazing country we live in and the amazing people we live, play and work with. We are very, very lucky, indeed!

Greater respect for each other's personal space and well-being. Increased motivation to work together as a nation. A greater understanding of the rent-seeking culture which has proliferated in previous decades.

More confidence and less cynicism in our federal leaders.

Less "me" mentality and more "us". Less influence, drama and social disruption created by the media.

As per my last email and additionally better university funding and provision of increased government funding for research and action with regards to supporting science and technology and the willingness to grow our next experts, rather than trying to 'import' them from overseas.

Consideration and

Too early to tell. Recovery has many different speeds and scenarios. Ask again in early 2021!

Everyone is mindful and courteous as we have been for the past three months of each other within our own community, particularly. Remember our elderly and care for those around us.

Greater connections with other people. Less focus on work and more on the people that do the work, supporting them in a work environment. A newfound appreciation of the environment and the benefits that can be achieved when there is a proactive approach towards caring for the environment.

Increased respect for all members of the community.

Our community is more focused on making sure nobody is left behind

not sure

Equal opportunities for all. A more kind and less stressed society. More focus on community building, environment, health and education, as well as wellness and economic security.

Better personal connections throughout the local communities. A chance to reset some norms both in work and life. A realisation that drastic change/action can be the catalyst for positive change.

Don't know -

Fewer Flu outcomes

More local content and more careers for Australians

more efforts towards health and safety

I hope to see a more compassionate, tolerant, patient community.

Always have a plan B

Everyone in the community is looking out for each other more - particularly the elderly and those who have medical conditions. With more flexibility to work from Home, we will have more flexibility to assist our community/family.

People have become more creative

people are kinder more mindful of their actions towards their fellow people

A return to a slower pace of life, with more people appreciating what's offered in their own communities, such as parks and other recreational opportunities.

The clear evidence in the sudden onset of coronavirus that life is impermanent, always changing, and nothing is certain has the potential to stimulate many qualities, both local and global. They can help drive increased fear and anger or bring greater understanding, mutual support, resilience and limitless acts of kindness. A commitment to dive deep and check our motivations with the aim to work more meaningfully for both our own well-being and to benefit the wider community.

More kindness for people and animals

More people putting their bucket list and their work-life balance ahead of the grind they were in. More taking time to get involved in outside work collaboration.

Less traffic congestion and people coming together

That we build upon looking after one another, we are certainly going to need to co-operate to recover from the results of social (and in many cases financial) restrictions.

I am hopeful that we will retain community spirit and caring but not at the expense of becoming insular and inward-looking.

More flexibility, businesses are recognising and trusting their workers to do the right thing even when they are home—better health as a result and more time for families.

More tolerance and equity - less corruption and totalitarianism

Acceptance of flexibility

Hopefully, a realisation that society is a fragile construction, which depends upon willing cooperation to ameliorate common problems. Perhaps reckless behaviour, such as mass gatherings at artificial protests, will attract greater social and familial censure rather than heavy-handed or arbitrary-fines. Perhaps the Centre for Optimism will reassert the common decencies.

More neighbourliness/community connectedness/ hyper-local small biz support

To Ignore anything to do with Lies.

Increased focus on collaboration, mental well-being and the common good.

The mean income level of Australians will increase annually much closer the annual percentage increase granted to politicians.

Community - more interaction. Country - inward focus

where people are more connected and forgiving; people look for innovation, as well as buying more locally

The purpose of my life will benefit not just the local community but the world at large.

Greater self-reliance as a country, better consideration of others, a better appreciation of what is important & what are essential workers

Economic measures for social sustainability

A better work-life balance with reduced commuting

Australian businesses taking off & making us independent of other countries

A greater sense of community and being aware of the impacts of various events and activities on individual segments of our community

The community supporting each other in creative ways. Our country reducing the risk of the virus and not being bullied by other countries. Our leaders actually realise and make their decisions on how much our planet had the chance to breathe and heal while I shut down.

The potential for better is there. The potential for a better approach to environmental issues is there, but it will require the community to live in more thoughtful ways. I am not that confident that local councils are capable of that.

Less transport, more flexible working, more time for family, better community awareness

People experience real joy in simple aspects of life. Taking the time to greet people on the street is one example.

Well, I hope for a reduction in car use and better connectivity locally.

Due to this COVID-19, people and governemnt will think more positively for the future.


Growth out of fear of the unknown

Patience and consideration for one another.

Less pollution, transport congestion, simpler

Understand the need for safety and support across the community.

My small village community is already great, but l think white people in other areas will be more respectful of other cultures now.

Greater kindness and community interaction.

Better connected

More focus on balance

Emphasis on people and community and equality. Less ideology and stress on the economy

If we attain control over the pandemic crisis, then yes, I do a lookup for a better future normal due to awareness and a recovered environment to live in.

More connected, more compassionate

Stronger community spirit.

Better neighbourhood connectivity and tolerance for our differences.

Less travel; more quality time with family

It has allowed us to see what others can do and what others have to share and give. To have time to listen and understand from another perspective.

I hope people are not taking so much for granted. Realising that global isn't always better. Value local. Value people


Patrick Lencioni, President of The Table Group

"It’s about taking this unwanted and painful experience and having the wisdom and courage to make the world of work better for having endured it. So, here’s to a new and better normal.  Let’s make the most of the changes wrought by the pandemic."

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