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Highlights in "What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?"

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering yes to "From your experience of the pandemic, do you see a "better normal" for yourself?",  What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?

It's clear, most people are enjoying a better life-balance.  People are enjoying new innovation.

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"Despite the fact that I’m 88 years of age, I always think my best days are ahead. I don’t know how I’ll make the future better; I just know I will. Closer family ties. Permission to not be productive all the time. The pace of life slowed down. I think some good things have already happened."

"I can be more selective about what I want to participate in, where I want to be and who I want to be with. I can contribute to things previously back benched because their importance has been highlighted. I feel free to pursue what I care about."

"Personally, it’s been a bummer - I became a grandmother as isolation set in. I have held my grandchild three times in total. He is now three months old. I have missed significant bonding time. New normal - more time with family - less with work!"

A higher level of engagement with others - consistently reaching out and staying connected, becoming the better normal.

"Less frenetic travel.  There is an opportunity to rethink the way we connect with and communicate with people - we can touch so many more people through re-imagining the way we used to do things. There’s honestly so much we can do differently and better!"

"I am committing to more the things I truly care about. I hope that in the future, I can easily say no to the things I feel obliged to do - instead of what I want to do."

"I am healthier and more laid back."

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"I have better routines in my life every day: Moving, meditating, eating clean, connecting with family, friends and laughing. I use my voice and my abilities to advocate for new business models and ways we can improve society to be fairer, my equitable, more sustainable more inclusive, smarter, more prosperous for all and more time to contribute to society as a volunteer, a learner, a carer or a tourist."

"A better normal for me is underway but has nothing to do at all with COVID. I’ve been a cancer patient (in remission!) but now have long-term mental and physical disabilities. So I’ve been trying to learn my new normal for the last 18 months!"

"A more compassionate and caring society, along with the ability to envision new pathways when dealing with old problems or issues. In other words, being more creative and innovative."

"I am more organised.  I see more market opportunities."

"A keener appreciation for the things that matter. I have fewer of the distractions experienced in the pre-COVID-19 life, dispensing with the ‘unnatural business’ many were experiencing."

"I am doing less travel. I have so much more available time due to taking up some more efficient work practices."

"I have a keener appreciation for the things that matter. Fewer distractions experienced than in the pre-COVID-19 life, dispensing with the ‘unnatural business’ many were experiencing."

"I can have a life I deserve."


"I have time to explore a broader range of interests in life. I have time to devote to passion projects with like-minded optimistic people who also want to embrace innovation and change."

"I feel more optimistic"

"As the myth of our normal was considered good, it has helped shatter that perception. Our current myth of ‘Progress’ assures us that full-speed-ahead is never wrong. History and Ecology is the discipline that teaches us that it is a disaster. Progress should be the movement towards an improved desired state of wellbeing and Optimism. We have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and become smarter and wiser. We need a revolution in thinking and our vision for the future. That creates great opportunities for positive change."


"Better life balance with more efficient work between home and office and productive social contact that encourages innovation, relaxation and clearer thinking."

"A better balance of work projects; better family routines; many iterative family and friend reunions long into the future already planned."

"Renewed life balance, more effectiveness and efficiencies and continuation of the innovations discovered at this time."


(We received 3 answers saying this. CoF)

"I have seized some opportunities - but some things are worse - which balance out."

"True work-life balance, local social cohesion and engagement in open space."

"Better balance, ability to work from home. Less structure and fewer commitments for kids."

"I can achieve more through the balanced use of virtual and face to face communications."

"Improved balance between work hours and non-work hours. Greater connectivity."

William Blomfield

I’m embracing a new dynamic work/life balance!

"Better work-life balance"

(We received 6 answers saying this. CoF)

"Better work and life balance."

"An improved work-life balance."

"A balance between work and life, aspects of well-being."

"Work-life balance. Flexibility to work from home more often. More cohesive home life."

"Working more from home."

"I am living a more efficient life"

"I have more flexibility.  The use of video conferencing has cuts down on my need to travel as much leading to a smaller carbon footprint etc"


"For myself and others more generally, there is a new spirit of generosity and kindness. It's something akin to the Sydney Olympics effect - but hopefully more sustained."

"Aside from renewed gratitude of having family and friends more tolerance, kindness and giving. Optimism."

"Prioritising people first, greater awareness of self-care and growth, moving forward with authenticity, kindness, empathy and understanding."


"A simplified life. Less materialistic pursuits as signs of success. Learn and value nature, even more, witnessing how forgiving it is during the pandemic to heal itself without humans. I wish for new human-centred systems in all areas of our lives and the leaders that will lead us there."

Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett

Robert Masters & Victor Perton ask us what's our Better Normal?

"For me a Better Normal is about greater awareness & taking practical action on creating viable & robust locally integrated economies with access to robust local supply chains underpinned by the right mix of high quality local manufacturing & services that really utilises the talents and capabilities of the Australian SME business community. This, properly integrated with a global market place, helps de-risk exposure to supply chain collapse & fosters high end R&D & manufacturing in Australia.

"This in turn creates more local, higher quality and  secure jobs that leads to better social connections & solidarity for local communities, more innovation, & better ways of working and living together. This can all be underpinned by using our abundance of clean energy & great technology which, in turn, creates more local jobs, thriving communities & a cleaner environment for us, our children & the next generations.

"I'm optimistic that Australia has everything we need to make this happen. So my question to us all is how do we get Governments and  big business to act with SMEs by adopting and helping fund this vision for a Better Normal?

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